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Aston Martin Reveal New Race Car

Aston Martin the luxury James Bond car maker is set to release yet another fine supercar, different too the DB9 they have prepared a 24 hour race car. The 24 hour race is the biggest road test and is a fitting introduction for the V12 Zagato.

Dr Ulrich Bez, the master mind behind the Aston Martin brand and is the man who revealed and confirmed the bespoke V12 engined Zagato will be revealed last week as it gets its racing wings. First up is the 53rd Ulrich H and R cup race, followed after by the Nurburgring 24hr race. Aston Martin is new to this kind of thing and the unveiling of their new Aston race car has sent shockwaves around the car industry.

The Nurburgring is where Aston try to sign off every new model in terms of dynamics and Aston Martin belived that it would be the ultimate test to try the V12 Zagato out.