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BMW gets a Crocodile Leather Make Over

Animal prints with cars seem to be getting more popular as the years go on, there is something what attracts the high end buyers to the vehicle, and this BMW 3-series is no different. The BMW has been fully wrapped in crocodile leather. The Russian designers have started making this a regular thing. Russian company Dartz they have worked on cars before such as the Bentley Continental GT SS where they covered the car in snake-skin.

The company which have made this BMW are called Vipon and gave this BMW 318i Sedan a facelift with the leather look, and is reportedly wrapped in genuine crocodile leather or has a textured vinyl cover which imitates the reptiles’ skin; it also has a special spray which apparently looks after the reptiles’ skin or the vinyl cover.

The company Vipon however are refusing to comment whether the BMW is wrapped in genuine crocodile leather or in fact it is the vinyl cover which imitates the reptile’s skin either way we think the BMW looks very special.

The 3-series also has an added body kit which has a contrasting silver colour which makes the BMW into a two tone; this includes a lip spoiler, side skirts and a rear apron along of brand new alloys and tyres which look to be AC Schnitzer. They have put LED lights into the grill of the BMW and just under the front bumper.
Let us know your thoughts on the new BMW.

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