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Limited Edition Bentley Flying Spur`s

Bentley Motors are introducing two distinctive cars, that are considered entirely for the Middle East market –however only fifty models are made.

The unique cars have been shaped at Bentley’s HQ with both cars offering a series of prominent characteristics. The Middle East market now symbolizes 10% of the Bentley market and has doubled its input of sales over the last five years. This vogue has sustained regardless of the current recession.

Since Bentley’s first deal, the system has grown, with wholesalers all around the world. The two new cars have been introduced specially for this unique market. The Continental Flying Spur and the Continental Flying Spur Speed preserve all the presentation. Continental Flying Spur and Spur Speed, the world’s greatest lavishness, but with a series of supplementary outdoor and internal character to craft the decisive and elegant car.

Both cars are additionally famed with delicate exterior and interior. This includes an external fender badge, tread plate and an ashtray lid badge. The awesome recital of the, 6-litre engine is in no way moderate. The Flying Spur is proficient of accomplishing a probable top speed of 312 km/h. The Flying Spur Speed is powerful than any other Bentley designed. With a 9% boost in control and 15% raise in.

Distinctive wheels are also offered on both models. The Continental Flying Spur is designed with a neat 14-spoke diamond alloy wheel, which has implausible potency through a small surface area and allows the best possible flow of air to the brake discs. For the Continental Flying Spur Speed, exciting and sporty, bright silver 20-inch wheels are incorporated, and are also well-matched with elective.


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