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Bride Travels To wedding in hand built Porsche

26 year old Megan Ashton has always had a pure passion for cars and limos so when it came to choosing her right car to transport to her wedding day; she decided she needed something really extra special. When her partner decided to pop the question two years ago, Megan started to roll up her sleeves and got building her own dream wedding car. Megan seems to know a thing or two about cars and with growing up around motors around her dad’s garage in Devon, so tinkering with the Porsche for her wedding day wasn’t going to be any big thing at all for her.  

The Royal Navy engineer bought Volkswagen Beetle 6 years ago with a plan to somehow create a Porsche replica but Megan left the car until the wedding was looming and then she began work on her Beetle. Megan said that it would be a challenge for anybody as she had to fit all the time around wedding planning, dress shopping and work on her new wedding car.  The 26 year old asked for parts for her car for gifts over Christmas and birthday to help with the project.

However all of the hard work paid off as the blushing bride to be transforming the wreck of a car into a gleaming Porsche replica which is now estimated to be worth £25,000, she also managed to put ribbons on the car for the special day and the car seemed to be one of the main focal points for the wedding day.