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Bridesmaids escape wedding car jacker

Five bridesmaids from Boston was in for the shock of their life’s, the 5 bridesmaids were part of a carjacking, however this was no normal carjacking the crime took place right outside the Blessed Mother Teresa. The bridesmaids were due to walk down the aisle in a matter of moments and they described the situation as surreal.

The man hit the limo window with a hammer and began to fight the limo driver, while this was all happening the five bridesmaids escaped from the car and got to safety. It is reported that the man had just committed a house robbery and may have needed the vehicle as a getaway car.

The bride and groom who were inside the church were still un aware of the trouble outside and as police arrived on the scene they sealed the church off outside and arrested the man. The bridesmaids then walked down the aisle while the happy couple wasn’t aware, the bridesmaids didn’t breathe a word and the wedding went on happily as ever.

One guest at the wedding reported ‘you wouldn’t of had a clue anything had happened’ the bridesmaids acted as if nothing had happened, the wedding went through as smoothly as possible and the couple happily married without no interruptions, probably not knowing they was about to be told the craziest story in their life’s.

The car which the criminal had carjacked was later found in South Boston, however the man who committed the crimes has not been found yet.