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Bugatti Limo to Go On Sale Late 2012

The Bugatti Veyron Sport is the quickest road car on planet earth, and now rumours are surfacing that a Bugatti limousine is to hit the earth come late 2012. The Bugatti limo has been under development for quite a while now and it is going to be completely different from its sporty brother.

The limo is going to be a four door, four seater luxury limousine however it can still match the speed of the Veyron. Bugatti have not yet set a name on the limousine as yet but the Volkswagen owned supercars are going to be naming it very shortly.

Another report from the internet suggests the car may be called the Bugatti Royale and will feature a similar power outcome as the Bugatti Veyron. The Veyron comes with a massive price tag of 1.2 million and the Galibier/Royale is expected to be a similar price. It comes with a engine which is a 16 cylinder that the original Bugatti Veyron also has.

The W16 engine will be placed at the front of the vehicle rather than at the back and its 800-1000 horsepower engine will make it the most powerful limousine on planet earth. Very few will be able to afford such a novelty and Bugatti will only be making a few models of this limousine. Rumours are that maybe only 500-1500 units of this limo will be built in the coming year.

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