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Car and Limousine Entertainment Changing

For many years now the CD has been played in cars and limousines all over the world in fact the CD format has now been around 25 years however experts and vehicle manufactures are changing in fact Ford will no longer use CD players by the end of 2011. Mega website Amazon is playing a major role in nailing the hammer in the CD’s time as they have released the Amazon Cloud Drive and Player which will allow up to 20 GB of music available and will be able to use the Android phone app to play your music through. Now days nearly every new car now has IPod compatibility and with the CD market dropping 16 percent in just one year last year the CD may be becoming to an end in the car and limousine entertainment.

The Car Connection predict that 2015 will be the last year for the in-car CD leaving CD’s just to be used at home, they claim it will benefit everybody and even save money for example, limousine companies will no longer have to buy CD’s as kids and people can bring their own smart phones or IPods and easily just play the music off with the touch of their finger tips. For the first time in 2012 it is predicted that digital downloaded music will in fact over take the CD market and make more money.

Automakers are planning to take away the space used for a CD player and just simply place two usb ports or mini audio jacks so that cell phones and USB connections can be used this would mean no scratched disk, no wasted space and in fact clearer and louder music as it will be played straight from the source and with more Apps being created day by day such as Pandora the future isn’t looking good for the CD market.

In fact Ford have already made the new system in their 2011 Lincoln MKX which will be released as a car and limousine and features a media hub which contains two USB inputs, as well as RCA jacks for mobiles and if your thinking what if I want to play a CD you simply just plug in a portable CD player and you can play your CD.