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Chauffeur Service for Pets

A Chauffeur driven car hire company have designed a special fleet of cars specifically for pets to travel in style; the company is Pet Airways in America. The airline specialises in flying dogs, cats, rabbits and all other small animals, the company was set up in 2009 and has been offering the chance for people to fly and drive their pets in style. The company are now covering 9 different East Coast destinations including Atlanta, Baltimore, Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix. The pet airline only allows small animals to travel in style and the pets must be no younger than 8 weeks of age to travel with the company. The airline is rubbing by a Long Island based company which has been going strong launching two years ago.

The all new chauffeur driven car hire scheme will offer pets being pampered the chance to travel to the airport and then have a lap of luxury in a chauffeur driven car. The company is called One Paw at a Time and is planning to bring its success throughout Europe and North West region of the US if the company is successful in the East of US.

Whether the service will be a big catch is remain to be seen as yet, however it proves popular the limo company could be on to something big and you could be about to see a chauffeur driven service for pets coming to your town.

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