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Chauffeurs Security on Jenson Button’s Vehicle.

The Formula one driver was scheduled to race at the Interlagos circuit in Brazil the next day, however Button wasn’t ready for what was about to happen. Jenson Button who is part of the McLaren team with Lewis Hamilton were both given reinforced armoured vehicles with police driving who had been trained for any occurrence which may happen.

Jenson had been to the circuit to get a feel for the track before the all important qualifying, he was then escorted away back to his hotel, team mate Lewis Hamilton was knocked down by rushing fans and described they was going crazy for the drivers.

A road block was then spotted by the two chauffeurs carrying Button; Jenson was informed and left the decision of what to his chauffeurs. They had seen the road block and noticed some weird behaviour, in fact the criminals were carrying guns and wanting to rob the driver, the chauffeurs decided to drive straight through the block and use the vehicle as a battering ram.

Jenson later thanked his drivers and said if it wasn’t for them the scene may have turned ugly. The quick thinking of the trained drivers may of saved a life, this has came when the UK’s first chauffeur security qualification has been launched, one the drivers believes all chauffeurs should have basic hijack training. The current training is now being run by industry professionals.

This may become a must have for chauffeur companies and in future all drivers may need the certificate with recent incidents happening over the world.


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