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Chris Brown’s New Armoured Lamborghini

Chris Brown has been known to love his luxury vehicles and limousines; he recently was spotted in his silver and red Bugatti Veyron which cost the superstar around £1million pounds. He has now gone and bought a Lamborghini Gallardo however this is no usual Gallardo this Lamborghini has been customised and has called it the “Jet Fighter”. The customised Lamborghini has been customised so it the vehicle looks armoured, Chris Brown quoted saying the Lamborghini is a head turner but now with his customised paint job it seems everybody will be looking at the superstar.

The R n B hit maker who has been spotted in such limos and luxury vehicles will no doubt be spending more money on vehicles as the stars album F.A.M.E reached number one in the billboard charts and his new hit single with UK rapper Chipmunk “Champion” Chris seems to have made his way back to the top after the altercation with ex girlfriend Rihanna. 

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