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Birmingham’s Classic Car Show Celebrates 30 years

Over the weekend of November 15th to 17th the NEC hosted the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show in its 30th year, and it was bigger than ever!

Outliving the British International Motorshow event that kicked it all off in the first place, the Classic Cars show is still going strong, and hosting the cars that launched in the year it all started. The Peugeot 205 GTi and Austin Rovers Montego are just two cars that launched in 1984 and little did the manufacturers know that the vehicles would be a hit with the classic car community 20 years on.

The show has grown massively since its humble beginnings, which saw two halls filled and just 70 stalls for clubs to show off their cars and now boasts a massive 250 motoring clubs, room to show around 1500 cars and 300 motorbikes in the 11 halls it takes over for the weekend. Famous cars on show include the Aston Martin DB5 which hit our big screens in the Bond movie Skyfall last year and the Gran Torino which adorned the small screens in Starsky and Hutch. Icon David Soul will be reunited with his old friend as part of the show’s Classics Reunited theme and motorsport guest star Sir Stirling Moss will also be attendance,

The show is a must for any classic car lover, or even a lover of motors in general and if you have someone if your family with this love you should treat them to a ticket when it returns next year. In the meanwhile Christmas and birthday gifts for the car lover in your life could include the chance to drive their very own sports or luxury vehicle for the day, get away in a classic car for the weekend, or a ride to somewhere special in the back of a limousine. At Midlands Limousines we offer the chance to drive your very own luxury car or the opportunity to relax in the back of a chauffeur driven classic Rolls Royce, what more could you ask for?

With other car shows across the country you could even travel in style to other events as part of a special celebration and pick up a few friends on the way. With our proven reputation dealing with people from all walks of life, including footballers and other celebrities, we can look after all your luxury car needs.