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Coleen Rooney Buys New Range Rover Sport

Coleen Rooney has certainly declared her love for the Range Rover models, as the young Wag has now bought another Range Rover 4x4 and has in fact bought over three versions of it in the past 4 years, it seems Coleen knows what she likes and she has now splashed out on the new Range Rover whilst Wayne Rooney was away scoring goals, Coleen was taking her delivery booking for her brand new Range Rover.

Coleen pulled up in her brand new Range Rover yesterday morning to use the cash machine at her local petrol station in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Wayne Rooney has not been shy in buying Coleen cars in the past when he bought his then fiancé a £80,000 silver Range Rover as a Christmas present. Wayne then bought a new Range Rover for £95,000 the black Overfinch Range Rover and he was so impressed with the vehicle he bought Coleen he went and bought himself one.

The pair is now proud owners to a fleet of cars worth more than £1.4 million including Bentley’s, BMW X5, Mercedes CLK, Cadillac Escalade, Chrysler 300C, Lamborghini Gallardo, Mercedes G55 AMG.

We wonder what the pair’s next purchase could be.