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Coventry Company sets its American expansion wheels in motion

The famous Coventry based car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover is really hitting things off in America lately where its Jaguar sale has increased 36% in the last ten months and the Land Rover an impressive 14%.

These sales are set to increase further since the company has taken on a deal with a top US talent agency who will boost its stance on the American customers further through advertising within the entertainment and sports worlds. There will be movement towards the cars appearing in films and television programmes though product placement, all which will hopefully lead to an increase in manufacturing process levels here in the UK.

This news comes just after Jaguar confirmed that its new F-type Coupe is to make its debut in Los Angles this month. The new Coupe will be launched on the eve of the Los Angles car show and is set to stun. The F-type follows the success of its convertible sister which launched last year at the Paris Auto Show and was thought by many to be the first true Jaguar sports car since the E-type was produced in the 60s and 70s.

The Coupe is set to go on sale from spring next year and orders for the vehicle will open up after the LA show. The cars will be manufactured in Coventry which is historically known for its car manufacturing following the 1897 development of the first British motor car by The Daimler Motor Company Ltd and by 1939 Coventry was known as the centre of the British motor industry. Even now, after the rise and fall of the motor industry Coventry continues to produce some incredible vehicles.

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