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Designer Gucci and Fiat to Team Up?

Now over the years with have seen designers teaming up with other brands such as Armani with Nokia; however we have never seen a designer release a car to the general public with their own personal stamp on it.
The Fiat 500 rates highly for looks and is a modern day fashionable car, Gucci have noticed this and director Frida Giannini opened the Milan Fashion Week by showing people a Gucci Fiat 500 which is also due to make an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Gucci have designed two colours which are black and white, both feature the signature Gucci green and red stripe down the side of the car. The modified 500 comes with 16 inch wheels and if you opt for the 1.4 litre you get the rear brake callipers in Gucci green.

Gucci’s imprint doesn’t stop there as they have also re-designed the interior the Gucci stripe can be seen on the seatbelts, gear shift, the key cover and on the carpets. The Gucci 500 has a velvet varnish on the dash board and has two toned Frau Leather seats to go with the Guccissma print. Some Gucci stores are even offering accessories kits to go with the vehicle.

The 500 by Gucci will only be available in Italy only to start with, then it will hit the rest of the world including the UK by the end of the year.