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Dream Wedding Ends In Disaster

39 year old bride Rebecca Ridgway had taken time before making the booking with their venue that it would be acceptable to leave their wedding car outside, the venue leaders ensured the vehicle would be fine as long as the blue disabled badge was showing.

However when Rebecca was waiting outside the venue ahead of the ceremony a parking ticket was put on the BMW wedding car which had chauffeured a disabled family member to the ceremony and also had a blue disabled badge parking permit on display at the time it was issued.

Rebecca was in tears as the wedding was about to commence and has also complained on how rude the female traffic warden was to her and also abusive which is noted in Rebecca’s letter of complaint to the council.

After all of the arguing and fussing Rebecca was left heartbroken which was meant to be the happiest day of her life, and instead of I love you her first words to her groom were “ we’ve got a parking ticket” as she first seen the groom.

Andrew and Rebecca had married a few months before the ceremony abroad but this was the wedding blessing which was for friends and family in Dunstable which led to tears. The council have now issued a defence on the situation and responded saying that all vehicles in that area should have a ticket issued and must display a parking permit as well as a blue disabled badge. It is now being investigated.


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