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Eco friendly Car Hire

Car2go is due to launch the first eco-friendly car hire service, the company has had European expansion plans for a while now but plans will now go ahead starting in Hamburg.

Car hire firm, Europcar, will be introducing a fleet of green smart cars in Hamburg by early next year which will be on the rental market. Europcar owns 75% of Car2go.

The car features a solar panelled roof which charges the battery and will run the cars telematics system while it’s moving and stationary; this will help reduce the carbon emissions the smart car will give out. Also if the vehicle is left parked in the sun, the solar panel will work to cool the car down. The eco ride first unveiled at Paris Motor Show earlier this year.

It is planned a fleet of 300 Smart Cars and will be introduced by Europcar and they will be available to rent from the base in Hamburg, at prices of just €14.90 per hour, which is £13.20 an hour the rates are very cheap and this includes fuel mileage covered during the hire period. Plus car hire customers will be able to park for free in designated spaces dotted in and around the city.