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Electric Car Takes too The Race Track

British motorists could soon be seeing the electric car craze take to the track at Silverstone; the electric car is powered by a special battery instead of petrol, as the E-4 coupe has been unveiled in England. Designed by Delta Motorsport the car has some big claims to back it up once its road ready and the officials of the engineering team said the car can go from zero to 100km in under five seconds.

This electric car is certainly going to be one of the quickest electric cars seen to date. It can have a range of 320km on just one single charge and addition the car will have a peak speed of 240km/h which matches up to petrol cars by ease.

Simon Dawson the co-founder of Delta Motorsport with Nick Carpenter explained that the motorsport circuit shared many common interests with those of the green motoring sector. The company stated we have had to re-think road cars from scratch looking at low-cost composite structures, system efficiencies and innovative seating. A fleet of five of the coupes have already made their rounds at Silverstone, and the car will take part in a number of high profile events throughout 2011. The new Delta vehicles are also going to make an appearance on the 5th November 2011.

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