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Electric limo bus arriving in Dubai

With all the talk in recent months over the new electric vehicle industry, it just wouldn’t be right if something major didn’t hit it. Well what better place for something out of the ordinary to happen than Dubai, a electric limo super bus is being developed to help people endure the 124km trip from Dubai to Abu Dhabi which is planned to only take 30 minutes.

The super powered electric limo will hold up 23 passengers and measures a massive 15 metres in length, it will have gull wing doors and will be used for the more luxurious transport between the two cities. The super limo will have a top speed of 155mph and it is thought that a road will just be made between the two cities for the super limo to go through; with such speed and luxury it will be perfect for business people.

The super bus will not have a time table but instead passengers will have to book via their mobile phones where collection and drop off points will be arranged. The super-bus has already been tested in Holland last year and uses lithium ion battery packs to power the limo.

The Super-Bus will debut next at the Commercial Vehicles Conference in Dubai next month however no official release date has been set yet for the vehicle, and who knows if this electric bus goes to plan could the UK see these Super-Buses going through the likes of Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham and Derby.
We will soon find out what the Super-Bus has to offer.