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Elvis Presley Limousine auctioned

Elvis Presley an iconic figure of the modern world and chart topper for years, recently had his old limousine auctioned off. The pop star that still today is one of the biggest names around and still sells millions of records each year was known to love his vehicles and by that matter have plenty of them.

The Mercedes Benz 600 Saloon limousine was a large luxury automobile and when introduced in 1963 it had very cars around that could compete with it. The 6.3 litre engine along with the automatic doors made it like no other car around that time.

The car is estimation on the vehicle was £160,000 due to it belonging to Elvis however the car only fetched £80,000 half the estimation. Tim Schofield who auctioned the car said the estimate was a little foolish as the car is only worth £40,000 but because this one belonged to Elvis £80,700 is about the right price.

The seller has not been named who bought it back in 2005 and had it exported over to the UK.


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