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End Of Term Discos Are So Old Hat

Gone are the days of the end of year school discos, where teenagers would buy a cheap ticket to have a disco in the school hall. Things have definitely changed and the end of year event is becoming more and more important to year six “leavers”.

The final farewell to primary pupils has begun to take on  a much more American prom like feel. Just do a search for “primary school prom” on Facebook and you will find several events being planned or photos of last years event, with pupils standing alongside stretched limousines dressed in high heels and tuxedos.

Last month, the BBC reported that East Renfrewshire Council had been petitioned by the parents of an 11-year old, who had wanted their child to be dropped off at the prom in a helicopter.  The school decided that landing in the school grounds was not a good idea and permission was denied.
It seems as if the new style primary school is here to stay for good, well you are only young once!