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Euro Millions Winner Fined In New Ferrari

Ryan Magee from Northern Ireland won the Euro millions and won a massive £6million just over three years ago, the Ferrari was one of the first things he decided to buy worth £157,000. With a top speed of over 200mph it would be probably any persons dream to buy such a car after winning the lottery.

Ryan Magee was one of the 16 people that day lucky enough to win the Euro millions and shared a jackpot of £95 million. Ryan claimed he had a feeling that he was going to win that day and went and bought 11 tickets from 4 different shops around his area.

The Ferrari was then the first thing on his wish list and was bought with immediate effect however all that money still can’t bypass the law and last summer police caught Ryan driving his supercar while chatting on a mobile phone. The 28 year old was pulled over and was given a date to be in court.

Ryan who was sentenced this week admitted guilty to the charge in a Londonderry Magistrates Court and was issued with a £200 fine plus 3 points, the Judge also added a further £50 on to his fine as Ryan failed to produce his driving licence when he was requested too.