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Exotic cars ruined in car park Flood

Millions of pounds worth of luxury exotic supercars was damaged when one of the most exclusive car park blocks was flooded, the St Regis Apartments on Singapore’s coastline which cost close to £10 million had luxury supercars and limousines packed in the basement car park.

The multi millionaire residents are going to be counting up the prices as the flood system failed to warn the residents that there was going to be a potential flood. Over a dozen supercars were damaged with a yellow Ferrari and Lamborghini costing more than £550,000 while a Rolls Royce Phantom which was nearby cost almost £1 million and was a massive £885,000.

Along with these cars a £450,000 Aston Martin V12 and a custom green Porsche 911 which costs up to £250,000. The flood also caused major damage to Singapore’s commercial centre where a lot of shops where damaged. The car park are fearing that the vehicles will run into the tens of thousands if the water has ran into the interiors or more importantly affected the electrics.

A specialist from prestige car dealer SuperVettura said “if the dirty flood water was to get inside the expensive vehicles then it could become very expensive to replace, and of course the biggest fear would be that if the water has reached the engines. The supercars are due to have a water inspection and insurance companies could be forking a lot of money out.

We will keep you updated on these supercars when we hear about how damaged these cars actually got. For limousine hire or supercar hire then please contact us.