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Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari will be launching the impressive 458 Italia at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2009.

This is ultra super sports car displays technology, style and flair. The wedge shaped body comes complete with a new designed engine and improved aerodynamics. The V8 engine displaces 4.5 litres and incorporates direct injection to improve fuel economy. The performance of this vehicle provides a top speed of 203 mph which can only be described as impressively fast. The computer technology held inside the car creates a great driving experience and tells the driver how their technique can be improved. The Ferrari is the perfect transport for the groom on hire wedding day.

The way the two-seater, Ferrari 458 Italia, speed and precision responds to the drivers input will provide exhilaration and excitement to any driver and passenger. This super sports car is jaw dropping to on lookers with its subtle fashionable style. The 458 Italia's body and chassis are all aluminium to keep weight down and helps the Ferrari V8 to top 202 mph.

The steering wheel takes all of the controls; there are no mounted stalks for headlights or indicator lights. Secondary commands set in two satellite pods either side of the dash. The design of these control panels allows the driver to focus on the driving, leading to more enjoyment and safety.
With its stunning looks and performance it will not disappoint any Ferrari fan and will have any onlooker drooling.

The New Ferrari 458