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Ferrari Enzo Lost in Saltwater Lake

A very rare Ferrari supercar crashed into a lake in Canada after the driver behind the wheel lost control of the £1million sports car, the Ferrari Enzo which is one of the high end Ferrari models with only so many being built in the world, was actually one of 400 of the classy supercars. The sports car hit a stone on the track as it came speeding around the bend at very high speeds. Spectators at the Targa Newfoundland Rally in Canada described the luxury sports car to spin a full 180 degrees before heading backwards into the lake. The driver who crashed the car was Zahir Rana with his friend Roland Linder co- driving and navigator, the two men managed to escape out of the Ferrari unharmed.

Despite the crash the Ferrari hasn’t sustained much damage; all what was done to the car was a smashed bumper, a wing, and a lot of cosmetic bodywork. The main issue to be resolved following is in fact the electronics in the Ferrari which had became wet and damaged after the vehicle ended up in the lake. When the Ferrari was lifted in the crane the car dealer had two very expensive mechanics work on the car for 14 hours straight and they stripped the car back to try and minimise the damaged which the water caused.

The Enzo is planning a shock return to racing next year when the car is fully repaired.