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Stretched Ferrari Limousine

The incredibly outrageous stretched Ferrari Limousine offers exhilaration and excitement to any sports car enthusiasts. The Ferrari is many people's favourite sports car and normally only stars or premiership footballers have the pleasure on travelling inside a Ferrari. But now, limousine passengers can enjoy this sports car too. This unique vehicle is the world's fastest limousine; it increases its speed from 0 to 62mph in 4.2 seconds.

The luxury and exotic Stretched Ferrari Modena 360 is suitable to hire with up to six passengers. It is the ultimate and stylish transport for weddings, nights out, special birthdays, stag/ hen events or simply just for the thrill. Whatever your reasons, you will enjoy this limo experience; this vehicle will accelerate your enjoyment.

It a proper sports car, with its stunning looks and a thrilling drive, and it is a proper limo with is amazing stretched length. In terms of looks it is 20ft long and has full 360 degree blacked out windows. Just like most other limousines it comes with a variety of entertainment features. These include fibre optic disco lighting, surround sound music system and of course a chauffeur.

The Stretched Ferrari Limousine offers an instant feel good factor. This stretched sports car will provide one of the most enjoyable sensory experiences in limousine transport.

The Stretched Ferrari Limousine will certaintantly attract admiring glances from on lookers!

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