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Ferrari Super Learner

Most people tend to learn to drive in a 1.4 litre engine in some sort of three door hatchback, however for this young learner he gets to learn in the brand new Ferrari 458 Italia, he will be practicing his 3 point turns with abit more of zoom than a usual car. The £190,000 Ferrari supercar was being driven around by a person without a licence. The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of Ferrari’s latest supercars and has a 5.0 litre engine bringing out 562 horse power and one was spotted parked up in a London area which even has the L-Plates on.

When the L-Plates were noticed on the Ferrari 458 a regular YouTube user Shmeel150 said ‘Have you ever seen anybody driving a 458 Italia learning to drive’ He added it is certainly genuine as well as his father/ instructor was there with him helping to drive the Ferrari. It may be something we all would dream about learning to drive in a Ferrari however it takes a lot of bravery to learn in such a powerful vehicle. Its top speed is 202mph and the Ferrari can hit 60mph in just 3.4 seconds. With him probably not being able to go over the 30mph mark on his test he will have to be extra careful to avoid the accelerator pedal.

A video of the Ferrari which was voted Top Gear’s supercar of the year last year has had a lot of views on the YouTube video. One thing is for sure the examiner will be a really lucky guy if he decided to do his test in the Ferrari 458. The Ferrari 458 did have its problems last year however when the adhesive on the wheel arch kept catching fire.