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Fire Blaze Burns Down Limousine Company

A limousine company has been set a light due to a welding job going seriously wrong, a welding mistake had ignited a blaze in the morning which caused them to set the building on fire, the employee was welding a limo at about 10am in the morning during a refurbishment job on a Hummer H2 limousine. A fire then broke out around the Entertainment Express 6986 N. Telegraph.

Fire crews from Dearborn Heights and Redford Township and Garden city in the US were all called to the fire due to the amount of luxury limousines and luxury vehicles which the company had to hire. The fire was then put out and emergency vehicles caused traffic jams and cars were advised to keep clear of the fire due to the petrol or oil leaks from other vehicles.

The Entertainment Express owner Pat Mifsud reported that nobody was injured but the fire did cause damage to three limousines and the building was badly damaged. The company has 50 vehicles in its fleet from H2 Hummers, Baby Bentley’s, Range Rover, Audi Q-7’s and luxury vehicles including Rolls Royce Phantoms and some other American limousines.

It is still unclear how bad the building is damaged from the inside, but he added business has carried on and they have opened a temporary office so that the limousine business can carry on as normal as possible. It has not been said how much damage has been done to the limousines. The vehicle which was damaged has been destroyed and 3 other limousines were completely destroyed however it was not said which limousines were damaged.

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