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First Wheelchair Specific Chauffeured Vehicle Produced

VPG have unveiled plans to build the first commercially produced car designed and built for wheel chair users. The chauffeur driven car is going to be called the MV-1 and will be rolled off into production as of the 21st September, the company have stated that they are super excited about their product and that it will be a joy to help people in provide them with this service.

It shall be built in the same factory where AM general motors’ are produced and the H2 Hummers are actually built for General Motors, so quite a comparison in vehicles from a monster SUV to a classy car. The chassis is set to be engineered by specialist’s Roush and 4.6L 2V V8 Ford Engine will be put in with a four speed automatic transmission. The access into the vehicle will be special and will have a 56inch by 36 inch wide side door with a deployable ramp which can hold up to 1200 pounds of weight, pretty cool we must admit.

The MV-1 can also carry up to five additional occupants when fitted with the optional rear facing seat including a lot of accessories such as TV’s which can be added and electric reclining seats so that people can really fit in with the comfort.