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Flo Rida Caught Drink Driving in Bugatti Veyron

Multi millionaire rapper Flo Rida has been given bail after being arrested on Miami Beach for suspicion of drink driving. Drink driving is one thing, but Police said Flo Rida could have chosen a less low profile car as he was driving the hottest car on the planet the Bugatti Veyron. Police say Flo Rida was driving erratically.

Flo Rida who’s real name is Tramar Dillard was swerving in and out of lanes and apparently did this about 5 times before continuing to drive two blocks down. The cops then signalled for him to pull over and he told Police that he would have problems walking in a straight line as he had a few drinks. He then blew twice over the legal limit, and then a crowd gathered urging for the police to let him go, a bystander then even offered to give him a lift.

Flo Rida is best well known for his 2008 smash hit “Low” which featured another R and B star T-Pain, he then had another smash single “In the Ayer”. The rapper boasted about his Bugatti and even quoted he wouldn’t use the Bugatti in 2nd gear around the town as the car is too quick.

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