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Gang of Thieves Steal 300 Vehicles

An international gang of thieves who have been operating in New York City managed to steal nearly 300 vehicles. The gang of thieves who were operating in the New York City area had been planning the robbery for over a year.

There were 19 thieves in total and they targeted SUV’s such as Range Rovers, Audi Q-7’s and Hummers they took orders for specific models from potential buyers around the country and also overseas. The gang would then produce illegal paperwork which included fake titles and registrations where two Toyota dealer employees even gave the gang the master key where they unlocked the vehicles.

Within 48 hours the luxury SUV’s would have their VINs stripped and would be bound for destinations as far as Africa, Afghanistan and Yemen all came with complete forged paperwork with fake registrations all in with the SUV.

It took the NYPD crime division over 10 months to investigate the group before making any arrests. The NYPD caught the ring leader William Cruz who is now awaiting trail Rikers Island, along with the 2nd in command Michael Torres. The criminals are thought to given a sentence but all the 300 vehicles have not been recovered as yet and some of the vehicles may have been sold and now be half way around the world.
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