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Heathrow Crackdown On Limo Airport Pick Ups

We all know how difficult it can be to drive a 40 foot limousine around town or to pick up customers at their destination at the right time.  However, now bosses at Heathrow have made the limousine drivers job even more difficult by stiffening pick up rules at their airport. The airport have appointed staff to monitor pick up points and the local police force are advising officers to keep traffic moving, to report chauffeurs who are picking up drivers where they shouldn't be. As a further attempt to reduce congestion, CCTV cameras are issuing fines to chauffeurs who are flaunting the rules.

A spokesperson from BAA commented;

“The regime will not affect passengers/taxis/chauffeurs who use the forecourt as a drop off facility as it is intended, but will focus on companies operating off-airport meet and greet valet parking services in contravention of the Road Traffic Order and the Bye-Laws.”

They added;

“There has been no change to forecourt regulations – it has always been designated for drop off's only. Drivers wishing to collect passengers should do so from the airports short term car parks, adjacent to the terminals.”

Come on BAA as if a limo drivers job wasn't difficult enough!