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Hugh Jackman’s Big Lover of Audi Cars

The new Real Steel actor who is due to hit the big screen this week has recently declared his love for Audi cars, with Jackman having a bob or two to throw around on some toys he said that his Audi cars are his favourite’s and that he wouldn’t look anywhere else on the market. Jackman was also spotted rolling up in a Audi R8 at the film premier not a bad choice for a car.

Jackman has now even been made an ambassador of Audi, Audi have clearly seen the potential the somewhat new movie star could have on the company’s image and will be using it to full positive effect. With Audi now in the full swing of things owning supercars, SUV’s they really are now at the top of their peak. Jackman’s new film Real Steel has received good reviews and is about a boxer who then controls metal robots who fight in the ring which becomes a national obsession.

Jack man’s latest toy his is Audi Q-7 and said it is his favourite as it has room for the kids and is also a great looking SUV.