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End Of The Hummer Limousine?

There has been some bad news released recently regarding the future of the Hummer 4X4. Unfortunately, General Motors have put a nail in the coffin of the Humvee and have decided that they will cease to manufacture the vehicle. Due to the gas guzzling capabilities of the thirsty Hummer, combined with the rising fuel prices, GM have decided to wind down production of the vehicle.

Since the Hummers introduction to the limousine world approximately 6 years ago, it has become a favoured vehicle amongst parties interested in limousine hire. Some of the Humvee conversions have been simply jaw dropping and are a real feat of modern engineering, such as our very own Triple Axle Hummer.

Since the statement made by GM, the price of the Hummer has been increasing on the forecourts and it is likely that this trend will continue. This is good news for current Hummer owners, but bad news for those looking to add a Humvee to their collection, as they will have to dig into their pockets a little deeper.

Midlands Limos Hire is hoping that one of the other manufacturers will step up to the plate and release a suitable replacement vehicle for the Hummer. However, they will have a tough act to follow, as the Hummer limo is the standard bearer for limousines within this industry.

On a positive note Midlands Limos Hire have several Hummer limousines at their disposal and with the continual care and attention that will lavish upon our vehicles we will be able to bring you Hummer limousine hire for many years to come.

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