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 Is F1 To Go Electric?

With the whole world going electric crazy and the car and limousine world trying to make a change and go green, is it possible the fastest automobiles in the world are set to go electric? Rolls Royce made a big statement the other month when introducing their Phantom as an electric car costing a staggering £1 million pounds. The question everyone is asking is if a Rolls Royce Phantom costs this much than how much will a F1 car cost.

The FIA is now working with the European Commission on creating a new series for the electric vehicles in order to show the public and to raise awareness of the new technology. FIA president Jean Todt has set up an electric-car commission to look into the electric car, go-kart and single seater categories.

With plans now to make the electric series global, the prospect is big and they are aiming to make the series similar to F1 but using electric vehicles.  Hopefully we will get people’s attention and people will take notice of the green change. Todt and the FIA have been to promote green activities through the F1 scheme and with the re introduction of KERS this season and plans to switch to a new greener engine in 2013 in the main event already everything slowly but surely seems to be changing.

This has been criticised by F1 supremo Bernier Ecclestone and Todt in fact agreed that teams would need a lot of talking round to start the new technology. These comments come after Silverstone announce they are to hold an electric event next month. The event will see 15 schools from a national competition go head to head against each other and then race over a four hour period.

The electric event was previously held at Goodwood and the event will include teams from Bentley Motors, Jaguar and Land Rover.


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