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Is Top Gear’s Stig A Woman?

The stig from the Top Gear has always been kept quiet behind the BBC doors however rumours have reached such heights now that people are claiming the new stig to be a woman. The rumour was further increased when Jeremy Clarkson quoted the stig is so small now they make Richard Hammond tall who is 5 foot 7.

Rumours have hit before and Ant Davidson was accused of being the driver for the show, but on social network site Twitter the star wrote “Guys, seriously it’s not me”. Fans then responded in the thousands claiming that it was still him. He then tweeted again saying “Perhaps I should just say it is me to keep you happy”.

The BBC have kept this year’s stig so secret that even host Jeremy Clarkson is being left in the dark after the former stig unveiled his identity. The speculation doesn’t stop there though even German racing driver Sabine Schmitz is being accused who has previously been on the show.

Whoever the culprit may be they certainly have a lot of experience and are very skilled as the new stig set a new track record of one minute and 15.1 seconds using an Ariel Atom V8.The former stig Ben Collins who is now 35 unveiled himself and despite a £76,000 court hearing he went on to publish a book about working as the stig and on the show itself.


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