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Is a Rolls Royce Electric Limo on the Way?

Now there have been many rumours over the past two to three years that Rolls Royce were secretly working on a electric limo, however the rumours died down within the past year but have now sparkled back up again due to an interview with the chief executive Torsten Mueller- Oetvoes.

The luxury car manufacturer has been reported to be a building an all green limo, possibly powered by electric or by fuel-cell technology. The biggest hint that this was going to happen was when Torsten claimed the company was looking for a variety of options with a view to creating an eco-Rolls Royce and claimed an “experimental” model would be a good idea.

 Rolls Royce’s parent company, BMW is going to unveil their new all green vehicles at the 2012 Olympics, where the vehicles will be chauffeuring the VIP guests to the games. Will Rolls Royce follow suit to debut their limo at the games?

The Rolls Royce Phantom is a £300,000 car and many believe it will take something spectacular for the company to match the same driving ability and performance using green energy; it is certainly one to look out for later this year.


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