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JCB Digger Wedding Transport

A bride and groom from China came up with a strange idea recently, normally weddings are associated with luxury vehicles such as a Rolls Royce Phantom, however this groom had other ideas. Zhang Zongquiang who is a 35 year old machinery worker came up with an idea to be chauffeured to his big day by a JCB digger, now while many people may be thinking this is a little unusual Zongquiang was determined to make it happen.

As the 35 year old works in a machinery industry it wasn’t a problem to gather the vehicle for his dream day, however his biggest task was convincing his fiancé Ye Yuzi as she wasn’t convinced with this idea, her idea of her dream transport was totally the opposite to a JCB digger. However the JCB lover managed to convince his lover that his idea would be different and certainly eye catching therefore Ye Yuzi gave it the all clear, so it was time for planning for Zongquiang.

Zongquiang plan was to save some money and create something new for him and his wife to be, however little did he know, his idea would be read and seen worldwide. The JCB was decorated in order to give it a wedding feeling in bows and ribbons and the couple stood together riding through the streets in the mouth of the JCB digger.

People around could not believe what they were seeing and the JCB bought traffic to a stop, that bad the pair were handing out sweets to police officers to say sorry for the traffic congestion. The pair couldn’t of been happier, however Ye Yuzi the bride to be admitted the ride to the service was far from warm but said it was all worth it.

This has got to be one the strangest methods of transportation seen to a wedding service, however the couple added they wouldn’t have changed it for the world and Zongquiang’s plan has certainly gripped the audience around.


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