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JLS Star reveals his limousine love story

JLS star Ortise Williams once spent every single penny he had to his name to impress a girl, the boy band star was determined to hire a limo for a special treat for his special lady however the money he received back then wasn’t quite what the star receives now.  Ortise revealed how he didn’t have enough money for the limo and spent hours trying to barter with the limousine place and eventually got the £200 limousine.

Ortise revealed to UK radio station KISS: “I had no money at the time but still wanted to do something very special for this girl who I thought I was in love with at the time” , he also claimed the limousine place looked at me crazy but eventually gave into me as I refused to leave and took me and my girl for a tour of London for the night.

Ortise now wouldn’t be struggling to afford a limousine for his girlfriend and would probably be able to afford any luxury ride he wanted now.

He’s not the only JLS member who has done an impressive romantic move with band made Jonathan ‘JB Gill once organised a secret break for his girl friend and parked outside his ex girlfriends house with her passport and baggage and headed straight to the Eurostar he claimed she was so happy and surprised.


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