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Jaguar Join the Electric Car Battle

Jaguar is the next supercar company to join the electric car battle; they have launched their own green supercar the Jaguar C-X75 and by the looks of this it looks like one of the finest looking green supercars to date. It is a super sleek hybrid which can reach up to 200mph only emits 99 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre and can reach 0-60 under 3 seconds. There is however one drawback it has a million dollar price tag on its head. It is a candidate for the world’s most expensive car.

This has been described as a hybrid on steroids, it can run up for 50 miles just on batteries and the Prius can handle about one mile. The Jaguar has two electric motors and a supercharged 1.6 litre gas engine, the show car version actually uses two micro turbines and can manage more than 30 miles on the batteries.

The Jaguar has benefited from an alliance with the Williams F1 race team and it joins the Porsche 918 Spyder in a very exclusive club, the mega money high performance plug in are limited and are limited to people who can afford to buy such luxuries. They are planning to build only 250 of the C-X75s and they only built 918 of the Porsche Spyders which went on sale in late March. Since there will be very few of these cars and their owners will not drive them much their overall contributing to saving the planet will probably not pay off.

A Jaguar spokesman Stuart Schorr said if the company had cheaper plug in Jaguars then it would be whole different scenario however he quoted we will make 250 units of the advanced electric supercar and we have no plans beyond this. According to Schorr the C-X75 will have three modes a full electric mode and a mode with the gas engine either partly using the electric motors or fully engaged.

Be sure to check out the Jaguar when it is released to see how well it does on its big release.