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Jaguar Offering New Chauffeur Program

Jaguar have recently launched the new XJ and are offering chauffeurs the opportunity to have a free-of-charge, 72 hour test drive in the vehicle. The vehicle is set to cost around £56,900 and reputedly has a fuel consumption of 40mpg.

The new chauffeur program is designed to give the professional chauffeur a premium service, which includes a like-for-like replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown and Jaguar chauffeur insurance scheme which means when using Jaguar finance you will receive £500 towards the hire and reward insurance policy in the first year. Furthermore, you will receive fault and non-fault accident management service, which means the company will arrange the repairs at a Jaguar approved garage, using genuine parts and they will pursue recovery of any losses you have received. In addition the company will also offer priority servicing, a tailored finance package and a years membership to the Quintessentially Jaguar concierge service scheme.


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