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James Bond Aston Martin £2.6 million at auction

The Aston Martin DB5 is one of the most iconic cars in the movie industry and when you mention the car you always think of the James Bond movies such as Goldfinger or Thunderball, the car has been used in the series throughout the years.

It’s no surprise that the same car used in Goldfinger has been sold at auction for a massive £2.6 million; the DB5 has mounted machine guns, bulletproof and a revolving number plate. If that isn’t quite enough for you he 1964 sport car still can exceed speeds of over 145mph.

Now you may think who has the money to buy such a luxury item, the winning bidder was a man called Harry Yeaggy. Yeaggy claims the choice to buy the Bond car was a last minute decision, now some may think this is quite a big decision to by a car worth $2.6 million dollars however he insists he only flew over to the US to make a bid and attempt to the buy the Aston Martin.

The same Aston Martin was sold in 1969 for $12,000 and now worth of over $2 million, a indication of how times have changed over the recent years, there were 2 of the same cars used in the Bond films however one was stolen and is now destroyed thus being why people wanted this Aston so much it truly is a gem in a collectors stash.

The car now will be shipped to the States and then be place in a motor museum within Ohio.


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