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Jenson Button Selling Ferrari 512 Due To McLaren

Jenson button is about to sell his Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer due to him being so busy he gets no time what so ever to use the vehicle, the star has the Ferrari in his garage and is unable to use the car, and said even if he could use the car he hasn’t got the time for using the car due to being busy with other projects such as his Head And Shoulders commercials and making sure McLarens MP4-26 isn’t rubbish.

Jenson Button quoted “i have had a great time driving the boxer” but I guess now it’s time for Button to let go of the vehicle he said it has had a through service and he has addressed all the issues of the older Ferrari. The 512 Berlinetta Boxer has only done 49,155 miles and has had over £94,000 spent on it over the past 33 years, including a whole new interior and body work refurbishment so the vehicle is in great shape.

The vehicle is expected to sell around £100,000 and is going to be put for auction at the RAF museum in Hendon on the 11th of April, it’s wondered how much the vehicle will actually fetch in.