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Jenson Button’s Dad Recovers Lost Ferrari

Now Jenson Button may be a Mercedes driver but it doesn’t stop his dad from enjoying the luxury of a Ferrari however Jenson Button’s dad reported his red Ferrari 550 Marenello missing to police has he believed the car had been stolen.

Police in Italy reunited Buttons dad with his Ferrari in under 24 hours of the car being reported been missing, the car was found parked on the sea front on the Italian Rivera. The Ferrari was completely undamaged and didn’t even appear to have any signs of a break in.

Witnesses who had been near the car all night quoted the Ferrari had been parked in the same position all night, police believed the car hadn’t been stolen at all, but simply the driver forgotten where he’d parked his car.

John Button the father of Jenson Button had his Ferrari returned the following day and it is believed that John Button took a trip away to the town of Alassio when the car went the missing.


Ferrari FWD-828.jpg