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Jeremy Clarkson Named as the UK’s Most Wanted Chauffeur

Petrol Head and Top Gear’s number one presenter Jeremy Clarkson would be the most popular celebrity for the people to have as their chauffeur a recent survey has found. The passengers have decided that they would rather listen to the sound of Jeremy Clarkson cracking the jokes out and no doubt some controversial ones. The Sun columnist who is one of the nation’s favourite presenters topped the list ahead of McLaren’s F1 driver Lewis Hamilton who also knows a thing or two about cars. The nation would probably feel in safe hands with the F1 driver and after that came Cheryl Cole who was placed third behind Hamilton. 

 Legendary actor Morgan Freeman was voted the most popular GPS sat-nav voice to listen too according to a source, it is reported that Morgan’s voice has been downloaded more times than any other celebrity and that his voice wasn’t annoying and people enjoyed to listen to the star, he beat Liz Hurley, David Beckham and Alan Carr with 44 per cent preferring to be directed to their destination by Morgan’s deep and soothing voice people decided to name it, only three per cent choose football star David Beckham which was a huge shock to many people.