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John Lennon’s Ferrari to be sold at auction

A Ferrari once owned by the famous Beetle single John Lennon is scheduled to be sold at auction early next month, the vehicle will be sold at Bonhams auction house, and the bright blue 1965 Ferrari Gt 2 and 2 coupe is Lennon’s first car he bought after the star passed his test. Some may say not to bad to own a Ferrari as your first car, the Beatles released their hit singles Ticket to Ride and Help the same year.

 When bought in the 1960’s it was reported the Beatles member was hounded by offers of cars when the news had hit he’d passed his test this would have been a very friendly marketing advertisement considering how big the Beatles were. Lennon however opted for the Ferrari in a yet unusual shade of blue worth £2000 back in 1965.

The singer owned the Ferrari for less than a year, but still the car is expected to fetch anything between £120,000 and £ 170,000. Lennon’s controversial Rolls Royce Phantom V limo which was painted yellow with flower and leaf patterns on which he bought the same year as the Ferrari is currently on display at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada.

The auction will commence on February 4th 2011 at Bonhams, Paris stay tuned to see what the vehicle fetches in.


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