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Kanye West and Jay-Z Cut up £1million pounds worth of Maybach

The pair of rap stars who both are seemed to be on top of their game in the rap game both selling multi million records all across the world have now done an album together called Watch The Throne, the album has been well received and in their latest music video the pair have done something which has never been seen before. It’s no secret the pair love their supercars with Kanye West owning his Mercedes SLS and Jay-Z known for his Maybach and Mercedes. They have now taken their obsession to a new level, the pair has cut up a luxury Maybach limousine and cut changed the whole thing around.

The car which can be seen in the duo latest music video named ‘Otis’ has had it doors completely removed from it and the roof and the doors then later welded into the back of the rear of the car to give it a Transformers look. The bonnet and the boot have been completely flipped about and some wheel arch extensions have been added on to give the car an almost Transformer style look.

In the music video Kanye West takes charge behind the wheel while Jay sits in the front and the girls sit in the back, with no doors in the video it shows Jay-Z grabbing to the steering wheel to pretend he his actually holding on to stop himself from falling out of the car. The four females in the back are holding on to pillars of the car but they are all safely strapped in the vehicle. When the video ends a statement comes up which says the car will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will be doing to the East African famine.

The current video on YouTube is now on over 8 million views with it expected to reach a lot more.