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Katy Perry Steps Out of the Audi Q7

Star singer and multi millionaire pop star Katy Perry was recently spotted in her Audi Q7 being dropped off at the Queensland airport about to board a plane. The star singer has been making the headlines recently with her recent marriage to Russell Brand and their crazy Indian wedding, to her music and new single E.T with rapper Kanye West. Katy is set to be touring the UK sometime in the near future after the success of her first tour. She described the English crowds as amazing and some of the best fans in the world.

Katy is in love with the Audi Q7 and here at Midlands Limos we have available to hire so why not ride in style just like Katy and step out in real fashion whether it’s for a school prom, hen night, stag night or simply to ride in style for the night. Our Audi Q7 is the top of range Audi with custom black wheels and we offer fabulous rates on this limousine.

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