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Katy Perry Stops Off in Limo for Surprise

Superstar singer Katy Perry was taking her limousine to her concert when she made the chauffeur driver come to a halt. However it wasn’t for nothing major just a bag of her favourite crisps spicy Cheetos. The driver didn’t know whether to believe the star at first but she insisted it was no joke and that she did indeed want some Cheetos.

The star who toured the UK earlier this year sold out every arena she went too and said the UK was fabulous. With great reviews coming from the tour Katy is expected to tour the UK again. With songs and collaborations with star such as Kanye West, Katy’s career has taken a massive boost to stardom including her marriage to Russell Brand.

Katy then updated her Twitter declaring her love for the Cheetos and explained that she had made the chauffeur in the limousine pull over at the next service station so that she could get her Cheetos. Everybody took the Tweet with great laughter and we all now know what to do to get on Katy’s good side.

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