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Kim Kardashian Swaps Her Range Rover for Ferrari

Kim Kardashian who recently has just tied the knot with her hubby Kris Humphries has just swapped her Range Rover SUV for a sporty customised Ferrari which is believed to be worth more than £150,000. The star stepped out of her brand new vehicle without her new husband. Kim has bought the Ferrari from well known luxury car dealer Platinum Motorsport and the dealer ship has a big list of celebrity clients including David Beckham and Nick Cannon amongst other celebrity’s.

The models choose the white Ferrari 458 Italia and it has been customised to her standards and is now reported to be worth in the region of £198,000. The Ferrari is now one of the most popular sports car due to its visual looks and the fact it’s a Ferrari.

The newlywed traded in her state of the art Land Rover before purchasing the beautiful Ferrari which can pick up from 0-60mph in just 3 seconds flat. Kim Kardashian in true fashion hopped out the Ferrari wearing black stilettos which isn’t probably the best choice of footwear for driving a super fast Ferrari 458 Italia.