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Kim Kardashian to have Phantom Fleet at Wedding

Kim Kardashian is set to have an ultra expensive fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms shuttling her VIP guests to and from her wedding, Kim has set her heart on nothing other than the Rolls Royce Phantom and a couple of Maybachs. People are wondering how Kim and her soon to be husband Kris Humphries are going to provide all of these vehicles which is going to be very expensive for the star.

Kim is also planning on matching the Phantoms so every single vehicle will be in a pearl white colour, she has specifically said white only and she will settle for no less, the star who’s family now have their own reality show wants her wedding to be just like the Royal Wedding we seen happen earlier on this year. Each Phantom will come with its own chauffeured driver and the bill for Kim and basketball star Kris Humphries could be very expensive.

Kim has also been eyeing top designer Vera Wang for her wedding dress and the wedding date is set for somewhere near the beginning of August. Kim has already set the bar when it comes to extravagant with her crazy registry evening.

Kim is planning to film the wedding also and to broadcast the wedding on their reality show so people can get a glimpse of the wedding.

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